For you, from me.

A_DeCiccio_Alucia_Telepresence-64Hi, hope you’re digging the site.

Here is some of the story:

I’m a photographer and self proclaimed sponge. The visuals you see throughout this digital wonder kingdom are the result of a continually growing, symbiotic, process of engagement and visualization. The camera is only the access point. Revealing the nuanced blend of fact and the story is where I come in.

Storytelling is an active profession in every way. One cannot stand back and expect the story to materialize, we must engage with our subject in both a deep and subtle way to then pull the story from the tightening grasps of the subject’s facts. Easier said then done.

This is where I start.

Some visuals, both moving and still have appeared in Science Magazine, New York Times, National Geographic TV, NG Wild, Scientific American,, PBS, and some others.

Always willing to chat, talk about the process, and help tell your story.


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